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TimberSaws - All American Lumberjack Show


* Your Location - Indoors or Outdoors
* Everything Provided - Fully Insured
* Single Saw Station or more
* Slab souvenirs for the Sawyers
* 20 minute setup/take down
* Made to order program for your event

A single saw stand assembly for the x-cut event will need a foot print about 8 x 12 feet. The saw stand is set on a rubber mat that protects the floor and helps hold it in place. Sand bags are then placed on the stand to firm it up. We use 24 inch long lathed turned logs for the sawing that are held in place with log dogs. Lathed turned logs are changed out as needed. Our saws are vintage 6 foot Simond 503 x-cut saws ( 2 person) that are about 100 years old and cut very well. Kids will be using our custom built 3 foot saws. We furnish leg chaps & gloves for everyone to wear for safety and have extras so that the next in line can be ready to go . Each saw stand will have a Lumberjack or Lumberjill to set up-take down & run the program. All equipment will fit through a standard 36 inch width door. Small foot print for convention booths, schools, camps, family reunions, company parties, team building, grand openings, promotions, fair stages, festival stages, bachelor & bachelorette parties or lumberjack/jill weddings. Let us put together a safe, fun, and entertaining activity for all your guests to enjoy. 

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